Back to School Shopping Guide for Your Preteen

August 18, 2017

It’s that time of year again…the buses are primed and ready, the teachers are writing their supply lists with a fervor and we are mentally preparing to send our kiddos back to school. You may be feeling a little sad that your extra quality time with them is coming to an end, or maybe you’re more than ready for a break from playing the role of your kid’s daily event planner/entertainer extraordinaire (if I hear “Mom I’m bored” one more time!) or maybe you feel a bit of dread for those sometimes hair pulling homework sessions. No matter how you may feel about the start of another school year, there’s one thing we all have in common; we all set off on a back to school shopping trip to restock their closets and to hopefully find a few new pieces to help them start the year off in style, feeling fresh and confident. We know how stressful a time this can be so we’ve put together a list of our top 3 must have back to school items for your preteen and tips to help you transition them right into to fall!

Everything But Basic-Basics

We like to say these items are everything but basic because even though they’re classic enough to be paired with almost anything they each have fun unexpected details that give a would be everyday basic a stylish edge.

PPLA Navy “Ginny” Long Sleeve Swing Top

Why we love it?

This swing top has great movement and is the perfect piece to throw on with her favorite leggings or skinnies!

How to transition into fall?

Layer this with our Jak & Peppar Chambray “I Got You Babe” Vest and our Mustard Pie Woodland Magic Brick Red Corduroy Skinnies along with some boots and you’ve got the perfect pulled together fall ensemble.

PPLA Alina Knit Oatmeal Top w/Cris Cross Detail Neckline

Why we love it?

The criss-cross detail at the neckline freshens up your run of the mill ribbed v-neck pullover offering a bit of contemporary edge.

How to transition into fall?

We think this pairs well with our Jak & Peppar Camo Rudy Shacket w/Patches and our Hannah Banana Basic Full Length Distressed Trendy Jeans.

Hayden LA Girls Lace Up Army Green Skirt

Why we love it?

At-ten-tion! This army green skirt gives a nod to the every popular military trend but offers a new take on the classic mini with its lace up front for a little added drama.

How to transition into fall?

We love juxtaposing military styles with feminine florals and rosy hues so we think this skirt would look great with our Mae Li Rose Floral Two in One Long Sleeve Sweatshirt!

Mad About Plaid

Plaid has become a staple in the fall wardrobe and can often be found in a variety of color-ways making it perfect for adding texture and color to any outfit. We’ve included some of our own favorite plaids for you here.

Hayden Los Angeles Orange Mix Plaid Shirt Dress

Why we love it?

This plaid dress is easy breezy and can be dressed with her favorite pair of boots to her go-to sneaks!

How to transition into fall?

We love this with a simple denim jacket over it like our PPLA Denim Cherry Blossom Woven Jacket or worn as a tunic over a pair of skinnies or jeggings like these Hannah Banana Denim Jeggings!

Jak & Peppar “Lola” Sky Blue Plaid and Paisley Button 

Why we love it?

We love that this top makes you do a double take with it’s sky blue plaid button front and contrasting back side with a trendy, longer length in a gorgeous maroon paisley print!

How to transition into fall?

This top would look great with any denim or even colored leggings.  We especially like it with out PPLA Denim Wash “Zilly” Woven Legging.

Boho Chic

The relaxed Boho Chic style is perfect for young ladies who want to express their individuality and freedom. You’ll often see flouncy blouses paired with cool jeans and tunic style dresses with fun and eclectic prints. We’ve got the perfect Boho Chic items for your preteen!

Hayden Girls Apricot Off the Shoulder Tunic Top

Why we love it?

This top is on-trend with it’s flowy bell sleeves and boho vibes and comes in a gorgeous autumn apricot color. Our only regret is that it doesn’t come in our size!

How to transition into fall?

Of course this top looks great with jeans but we absolutely adore it with our Jak & Peppar Camo Peppar Moto Skinnies and think the unexpected combo will transform your preteen into a style maven!

Jak & Peppar “Lolla” Paisley Dress

Why we love it?

The rich jewel tone colors in this paisley frock have us oh so ready for fall! This dress would be perfect for picture day or for a fall family photo shoot!

How to transition into fall?

This dress would look great with a long drapey navy cardigan for a more casual look or dressed up with our Jak & Peppar Chambray “I Got You Babe” Vest for an eclectic, artsy vibe!

There you have it; our top 3 must have items for your preteen’s back to school shopping list! We hope this guide has made your shopping a bit easier and as always would love to see pictures of your lovelies in our back to school fashions so don’t forget to snap and share them with us on Facebook and Instagram using the hashtag #adorablesbacktoschool!

Closing Out Summer with DIY Face Paint Fun

August 15, 2017

Summer days are winding down and if you are like me you might be at a loss for engaging, creative activities to fill those final days. After all, we cram all of our creative gusto into those early days with endless themed crafts, trips to the library, nature walks and vacations, right? Well today we at Adorables Children’s Boutique have one last activity that will surely thrill any child especially if that child loves face paint and fashion as much as mine!

After a number of rainy days in a row and a few days of the crud making it’s rounds through our house, I finally gave into my daughter’s request of getting some face paints of our very own. The anticipation of their arrival was almost more than she could bare, so today upon their arrival we couldn’t wait any longer. As soon as baby brother was down for his nap we immediately set up and prepared to let our imaginations run wild and turn her into the princess/creature of her wildest dreams! Now in full disclosure, I am no artist and truthfully was quite nervous about this little endeavor. But Moms will go to any lengths to put smiles on our sweet babies faces so after several deep breaths I dove in!

The set was nice with a variety of colors and even included some gel glitters.


The best part about this set is that it came with a handy little guide of different face paint options and a step by step guide for creating each of the looks.

Upon looking through each option and studying very carefully, my daughter opted for the Butterfly which I was quite relieved about. In the past she has been painted up as everything from Queen Elsa to My Little Pony’s Rainbow Dash and even a pink, black and white tiger! So for this first timer, I was happy to leave those looks to the professionals and start out with a tried and true butterfly. How hard could that be? Surprisingly, it was a little more difficult than you’d think but fun nonetheless! Pro tip, have a hand mirror ready. I didn’t think about that initially so we had to take a quick break to grab one so she could watch every step of the transformation. Overall, it was a fun activity for us to experience together and even though it wasn’t perfect, she thought it was and that’s all that matters!

Once the look was complete, she insisted on putting on her butterfly wings and a princess crown and floated and flitted around the yard and referred to herself as a Fairy Butterfly Princess while I snapped a few pictures.

We had minimal time today but this look would have been perfect for a dreamy Fairy Princess photo-shoot wearing a dress from our Ooh La La Couture collection like the Royal Blue Wow Poof Dress or the Pink and Gold Sequin Tie Bow Dress.

And have you seen the ethereal “Francine” Tulle Ballet Dress  from Frilly Frocks? I’m already dreaming up a magical, glittery Mid Summer Night’s Dream-like photo shoot with my little lady.

If you decide to test out some face paints of your own with one of these beautiful dresses or any others from our lines please don’t forget to share your images with us!!

Swimming in Swimsuits

May 25, 2017

Memorial day if finally here!  Event though most kiddos are still in school, for me this the official kick off to summer!  And with summer comes swimming.  And who doesn’t want a new swimsuit to make their debut at the pool or beach?  This weekend is the time to shop!  Right now ALL SWIMWEAR IS 20% OFF!!  Be sure to check out all our swimwear brands at  We carry classic suits by Kate Mack and Isobella and Chloe.  Want a vintage, retro look?  Check out our suits from Muddy Feet.  Got a tween girl who is suddenly allergic to ruffles?  We’ve got you covered with Gossip Girl swimwear!  Looking for a novelty suit for your little one?  Love U Lots suits are for you!  No matter what you are looking for Adorables Children’s Boutique has it!

So, now that you know what brands to look for, its time to decide what style you want.  Again, there are many choices!  Here’s a quick rundown of our most popular styles:

One Piece swimsuits

With the continuous revolution of the one-piece swimsuit, fashion swimwear doesn’t have to come in the form of an itsy-bitsy bikini. Many feel more comfortable in a less-skin baring, more supporting suit.  They are flattering for all body types, and sometimes include a built-in skirt.  One piece option are great for girls sizes 4-10.

Bikini swimsuits

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The tops and bottoms can come in many different shapes and styles.
A basic bikini top will have triangle shapes that cover the breasts and adjoining strings-going around the neck and around the back. They will tie at the neck and either on the back or between the bust for a secure and adjustable fit.

A triangle top or tie top, first imported from Rio de Janeiro, is one of the most popular. They are often just lined to keep the top lightweight. Some have stitched in or removable padding and some have underwire. A triangle top can have either fixed or sliding triangles. Fixed triangles are better at staying in place, while sliding triangles slide along the bottom string band for adjustable coverage. This information should be in the product description. Many times there is adornment or a decorative piece between the bust to add a bit of flair. A triangle suit is a great look for those who are average or smaller busted.

Halter Top

A halter top is similar to a triangle top. The fabric that goes around the neck is thicker.    It’s not uncommon for a halter to have an extra strip of fabric underneath the bust, often of contrasting color or pattern.

Bandeau Top

A bandeau top has no shoulder straps (or very thin ones coming up around the back of the neck) and is a large strip of fabric covering the bust. They either tie or clasp in the back.  Because of the lack of straps, bandeaus can easily slip down and are generally not recommended for water sports or beach games. They are ideal for tanning, since they leave no strap marks. The bandeau was one of the first swimsuit styles accepted by the US, and first came on one-piece bathing suits.


The tankini style offers maximum coverage and is an ideal style for those who still want to leave something to be desired, but don’t want to sacrifice fashion. The tankini is similar to a camisole tank top.  A tankini also has the convenience of a two piece so it is PERFECT for babies and toddlers!  Think less skin to worry about with sunscreen!

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Stay Warm This Winter with Adorables Children Outerwear

December 15, 2016

For children, winter clothing is just as much about staying warm and cozy as it is about making a fashion statement. Your little ones are very sensitive to the chill of the winter air, so you want to make sure that their ears, face, and hands are extra protected against the cold. If you’re on the hunt for stylish kids’ outerwear items that they’ll want to wear all winter long, check out these favorites from Adorables Children.

  • Puffer coats. These coats are always a favorite among even the pickiest children, because the cozy stuffing and soft exteriors are much more comfortable than wool coats. We carry a wide variety of puffer coats in fun colors like hot pink and metallic gold, and some even feature faux fur details for a bit of extra style.
  • Fleece coats. If you prefer something a bit more modern for a formal occasion, a fleece coat is a great children’s alternative to a pea coat. These coats have similar styles to pea coats, but their fleece materials make them much more comfortable to wear on children’s skin. You’ll find options with splashy floral prints, ruffles, polka dots and much more.
  • Faux fur vests. Your little fashionista will love wearing a luxurious vest over a long-sleeved top or sweater. These stylish outerwear items are warm and cozy, but they’re much more fashionable than your traditional kids’ clothes.
  • Knit scarves. You can’t go wrong with a classic knit scarf, especially on a day of riding sleds or building snowmen. Adorables Children carries a variety of multicolored scarves made especially for little girls.
  • Knit hats. Complete her winter outerwear look with a knit hat that matches her scarf – or one in a fun mix-and-match style! Choose one with a pom pom on top, a floral decal, or in a Parisian-inspired beret shape.

Helping Kids Understand Giving During the Holidays

December 15, 2016

It’s no secret that the presents are the main reason why all kids love the holidays, but as a parent, you may wonder how you can explain to true meaning of the season to kids at a young age. Here are a few easy to understand tips for explaining giving and compassion to your children this holiday season.

  • Teach your children about moderation all year long. Instead of promising them a toy for good behavior or buying them everything they want in a store, explain that sometimes in life, you just don’t get everything that you want. Once the holidays roll around, they’ll better understand that it’s not all about asking for gifts and opening presents.
  • Get the kids excited for other fun things surrounding the holidays, such as admiring the lights, setting up the tree, or having a celebration with family. If they’re excited about gatherings and traditions, they won’t be so focused on the presents.
  • Explain that there are some people in the world who don’t receive any presents. Kids don’t understand poverty and misfortune unless you explain these concepts to them, so be sure to help them understand how fortunate they are.
  • Gather gifts for those in need, such as the underprivileged children in your area, the homeless, or veterans. Allow your kids to pick out items themselves and help them to deliver the gifts to give them a feeling of compassion.
  • Collect food for a food bank or shelter. If your child sees that some people appreciate essential items like food and warm clothes more than toys and games, they’ll realize the importance of giving in meaningful ways. 
  • Allow your children to gift small items to their friends and family members as soon as they are old enough to understand the concept. Instead of only waiting to receive their gifts, they’ll also enjoy spreading joy to others at your holiday gathering.

Best Knit Hats to Keep Your Kids Cute and Cozy

December 15, 2016

Is there anything sweeter than a cute child in a knit hat? If you’re looking for stylish ways to keep your little ones bundled up this winter, Adorables Children carries a variety of knit hats that promise to complete any pea coat, puffer coat, or sweater. Here are just a few of our favorite winter hats to keep your kids warm and cozy.

  • Mim Pi Green Stripe Knit Hat. With its multicolored stripes and tight knit material, this snuggly hat is the perfect choice for those cold, snowy days. The emerald green color is accented by lighter green stripes, and the oversized puff ball on top gives this a fun and whimsical look.
  • Mack & Co. Charcoal Knit Pom Pom Hat. If you love the classic winter hat look, this is the hat to choose! It features a chunky knit with a timeless sweater pattern, as well as a folded hem to keep the ears nice and warm. The pom pom on top adds a pop of color that your little girl will love.
  • Deux par Deux Rose Ballad Hat. This colorful hat is perfect for the little girl who likes to stand out from the crowd. A horizontal knitted pattern wraps around the hat’s sides, while contrasting felt flowers add some flair to the front. It’s perfect for your holiday photos or any outdoor winter activity!
  • Lemon Loves Lime Red Bijou Hat. Your new baby may be a bit too young for a wool cap, but she’ll love this bright red winter hat made of the softest pima cotton! This hat comes in a bright red color that matches Lemon Loves Lime’s other baby clothing items, including their fun dresses, bloomers, and tops. With an elegant rosette decal at the front, it’s perfect for the holiday season.

Designer Spotlight: Mustard Pie

December 15, 2016

If you’re a fan of elegant lace or romantic damask prints, Mustard Pie is the brand for you. Your little lady will look her most stylish in swing dresses, flared leggings and apron dresses from this beloved children’s brand, and you’ll quickly see why this is one of our favorite brands here at Adorables Children.

Mustard Pie began when one creative mom started reminiscing about her own childhood, and instead of pulling out the family photos, she broke out the sewing machine. Each item embodies the whimsy and fun of childhood, and while the brand is very stylish, Mustard Pie always aims to keep things laid-back and down-to-earth. By combining a bit of hippie style with modern pieces like leggings, tunics, pants and headbands, Mustard Pie has created a complete line of clothing and accessories for the modern girl.

Shop Adorables Children’s selection of Mustard Pie dresses and you’ll find mixed and matched prints and patterns in a variety of styles. Flared skirts feature damask prints and textured lace, while bell sleeves add a touch of flower child feel. Just about every dress features layer upon layer of ruffles, as well as loveable details like oversized bows and flower appliques. Pair any Mustard Pie dress with the brand’s matching leggings with cool bell bottom details, and finish the look with a matching headband that will help to tame her mane.

Mustard Pie creates soft and stylish clothing for babies, toddlers and children, as well as special occasion dresses for those holidays and weddings she’ll be attending. Each piece is designed to look a bit outside of the box when compared to the usual children’s clothing, so this brand is ideal for free-thinking parents and their equally creative littles. From hippie-style photoshoots to flower girl duties, Mustard Pie outfits are perfect for many occasions in a little girl’s life.

Kids’ Holiday Style Guide

December 15, 2016

The holidays are just around the corner, and you’re not the only looking to update your wardrobe with stylish winter fashions! If you’re on the hunt for cute and cozy clothing for your little ones, Adorables Children has you covered with warm parkas, holiday headbands perfect for family photos and snuggly leggings that will make her look her most winter-ready. Here are just a few of our must-have items for this winter season.

  • Wide headbands. While headbands look great year round, our wider versions play double duty as ear warmers and hair accessories. She’ll love wearing a tartan or lace headband in a winter shade of red or white, and when you match it to the rest of her outfit, she’ll feel even more chic.
  • Patchwork dresses. Whether you’re looking for the perfect family photo outfit or a sweet outfit for all of those holiday festivities, a patchwork dress is a great option for every cold weather occasion. These unique dresses from our favorite brand Persnickity feature alternating patches featuring multicolored prints and patterns, but their sweet flared skirts and lace underlays keep them perfectly modern and stylish.
  • Tunic tops. If your little lady just isn’t the dress type, dress her in a long tunic top over her favorite leggings or jeans. These longer length shirts are a bit dressier than your usual sweater, and they feature intricate details like lace plackets and billow sleeves to give them an upscale twist.
  • Puffer coats. No matter what else she wears, you always want to make sure that your little girl is warm and protected against the winter air. Gift her a sweet puffer coat in a soft shade of pink or cream to keep her both cozy and stylish.
  • Leggings. This year’s hottest girls’ leggings come in textured fabrics like velvet or knit, and many even feature ruffled details for a bit of a festive flair.

Fun and Fashionable Tween Clothes

July 26, 2016

What is the first thing that pops into your mind when you hear the words “hot tween brands”? We know, and we’re eager to share this info with you inside our fun tween clothing guide. Fashion is always changing, and what was popular just 10 years ago seems so strange and different than what kids like now. The important thing is getting informed so you can keep up with the latest trends, and we’ll help you with that right here.

What’s hot and happening?

There are a ton of hot new brands out there, so getting to know the big names when it comes to designers is necessary. A few examples are Mustard Pie, who make stunning dresses for girls and fashionable vests and shirts for boys, and Persnickety, who always deliver quality with their amazing tops and great shorts which are comfortable and stylish. They provide stylish clothes for your kids to wear which will last, so that you won’t have to constantly worry about what they’re going to wear day after day.

The beauty of the teen fashion is that they’re always changing, so you’ll always find some new fresh look that’s in style. From fashionable jeans to one piece dresses, there’s never a dull moment. And for the best material, you’ll want to get silk or linen, both breathable and comfortable to wear during any time of the year.

The latest fashion, right at your fingertips

From Ooh La La Couture’s Blush Coco Tweed Wow Pouf Dress with its great design, to Kate Mack’s trendy “Wild Streak” Navy Scuba Skater Dress for the fashionable, AdorablesChildren stocks the latest and greatest in hot tween brands, no matter where you look. And if you decide to make a purchase of $75, or more, they’ll even ship it to you completely free. It’s a deal that no one should miss.

The Kids Denim Trends that are En Vogue this Year

July 19, 2016

There are many things that will change along with the times. Denim isn’t one of those things, as it’s always in style. But it’s always hard to keep track of what’s hot and what’s not. A lot of styles don’t last much more than a season or two, but you don’t have to worry about denim succumbing to this circumstance. Denim has always been a fashion staple for kids and adults alike (remember denim jackets?), but now it’s even more popular than before, with many designer brands offering great denim options for young ones.

What’s trending for 2016?

Buying the trendiest outfits this year is always a hard thing to do because the newest trends are always unpredictable. Even more so when it comes to teen denim fashion trends. Skinny jeans are no longer what’s in for this year, now it’s all about rigid jeans. These jeans guarantee an irresistible and fashionable look, giving off the image of authenticity to add to the mix. This isn’t just an homage to older trends, it’s a full blown fashion revolution that is here to stay.

How to find the best, better than the rest

In order to get the very best, you need to buy from the very best. Instead of just running around from store to store, randomly looking for a needle in a haystack of shopping malls, it’s so much easier and more convenient to browse from the comfort of your own home.  Make sure to browse different places so that you know you’re only getting the very best.

One of the best places to get easy access for many different styles, including stylish denim clothing, would have to be Adorables Children’s Boutique. They have a wide assortment of trendy denim clothing. For a great offer, with every purchase of $75 or higher, you can get shipping completely free. It’s a great offer for a whole line of stylish and fashionable denim clothes which will look just great on your kids. For all this and more, visit for these amazing deals.