Fun and Fashionable Tween Clothes

July 26, 2016

What is the first thing that pops into your mind when you hear the words “hot tween brands”? We know, and we’re eager to share this info with you inside our fun tween clothing guide. Fashion is always changing, and what was popular just 10 years ago seems so strange and different than what kids like now. The important thing is getting informed so you can keep up with the latest trends, and we’ll help you with that right here.

What’s hot and happening?

There are a ton of hot new brands out there, so getting to know the big names when it comes to designers is necessary. A few examples are Mustard Pie, who make stunning dresses for girls and fashionable vests and shirts for boys, and Persnickety, who always deliver quality with their amazing tops and great shorts which are comfortable and stylish. They provide stylish clothes for your kids to wear which will last, so that you won’t have to constantly worry about what they’re going to wear day after day.

The beauty of the teen fashion is that they’re always changing, so you’ll always find some new fresh look that’s in style. From fashionable jeans to one piece dresses, there’s never a dull moment. And for the best material, you’ll want to get silk or linen, both breathable and comfortable to wear during any time of the year.

The latest fashion, right at your fingertips

From Ooh La La Couture’s Blush Coco Tweed Wow Pouf Dress with its great design, to Kate Mack’s trendy “Wild Streak” Navy Scuba Skater Dress for the fashionable, AdorablesChildren stocks the latest and greatest in hot tween brands, no matter where you look. And if you decide to make a purchase of $75, or more, they’ll even ship it to you completely free. It’s a deal that no one should miss.

The Kids Denim Trends that are En Vogue this Year

July 19, 2016

There are many things that will change along with the times. Denim isn’t one of those things, as it’s always in style. But it’s always hard to keep track of what’s hot and what’s not. A lot of styles don’t last much more than a season or two, but you don’t have to worry about denim succumbing to this circumstance. Denim has always been a fashion staple for kids and adults alike (remember denim jackets?), but now it’s even more popular than before, with many designer brands offering great denim options for young ones.

What’s trending for 2016?

Buying the trendiest outfits this year is always a hard thing to do because the newest trends are always unpredictable. Even more so when it comes to teen denim fashion trends. Skinny jeans are no longer what’s in for this year, now it’s all about rigid jeans. These jeans guarantee an irresistible and fashionable look, giving off the image of authenticity to add to the mix. This isn’t just an homage to older trends, it’s a full blown fashion revolution that is here to stay.

How to find the best, better than the rest

In order to get the very best, you need to buy from the very best. Instead of just running around from store to store, randomly looking for a needle in a haystack of shopping malls, it’s so much easier and more convenient to browse from the comfort of your own home.  Make sure to browse different places so that you know you’re only getting the very best.

One of the best places to get easy access for many different styles, including stylish denim clothing, would have to be Adorables Children’s Boutique. They have a wide assortment of trendy denim clothing. For a great offer, with every purchase of $75 or higher, you can get shipping completely free. It’s a great offer for a whole line of stylish and fashionable denim clothes which will look just great on your kids. For all this and more, visit for these amazing deals.

The Must-Have Summer Fashion for Tweens

July 12, 2016

New experiences, new opportunities, new friends: that’s what the summer is all about. And no matter where you go or where you look, there’s always a new style that’s all the rage. While everyone is shopping reactively, you can shop proactively with our handy, tween-approved summer fashion guide. When all the kids are out playing, going to summer camp, or just enjoying their free time in the sun, you better be sure you have the perfect outfit for each occasion.

Summer trend bonanza

One of the most important considerations when it comes to summer fashion trends the kind of fabric you want to don. A lot of available options often use poly-blends with clothing that isn’t very breathable, and will usually hold sweat stains – not an ideal combination for summer. To avoid this, try to find materials like cotton and linen, which will allow them to absorb perspiration quickly and release it. Silk is another alternative, since it’s very breathable and cooling, with the only downside being that it has to be cleaned somewhat frequently.

Fun in the sun

There are a lot of great deals you can take advantage of this summer. Adorables Children’s Boutique has hundreds of clothing in stock available for you to choose, including hot brands like Mustard Pie’s beautifully designed Shangri La “Reagan” Apron, as well as Deux par Deux’s wonderful “Girl Meet’s World” Chambray Lemony Star Dress.

With just a click of a button, you can browse through the large selection of choices that they have to offer, sort through things like designer and price, so that you can find something that’s the right for you. If you visit their website, always has a sale going, with some items going as low as 50% off for the current season. If you want something shipped, they also deliver straight to your house, with purchases of $75 or more shipping absolutely free. Don’t forget to visit now to take advantage of these offers and more.

The Latest and Greatest Girls Summer Dresses this Year!

July 5, 2016

This summer, stay in the know with what’s in style for girls’ fashion. Our definitive guide will school you on what to wear when school’s out and cool fashions are in.

The must have styles for 2016

There’s always much ado when it comes to choosing girls outfits. When you have the right advice, and a trusted store that carriers all the right fashions, then you can completely take the guesswork out of the process. And when you manage to find that magical combination that you and your daughter both like, it’s always a special moment. Here are some style tips that may help with choosing the outfits that are right for your star child.

Many experts say that the latest fashion trends for this year are vibrant shirt dresses for younger fashionistas, as well as blinged-out outfits. When choosing that runway-ready look, try to keep an open mind and try new styles that expand your preconceived fashion notions.

The hot weather that comes with summer should also inspire you to seek out breathable clothing. It’s important to consider the material the outfits you wear are made from. Things such as cotton or linen are especially good during the summertime because they absorb and release sweat very quickly, making the effects of the heat seem unnoticeable.

Where to buy them, where to try them

It’s important to have the trendiest clothes, including beautiful girl’s summer dresses, on hand at all times. Ranging from casual and cool to formal and elegant, having the outfit for just about any situation is a must. What’s great is that you can find great pieces just like these at They always have a sale going on, so that you’re always getting a great deal. And if you happen to make a purchase of $75 or more, you’ll qualify for free shipping.

The Stylish Girl’s Swimsuit Guide for 2016

June 30, 2016

During the warmer months of the year, kids always want to spend more time in the sun. Luckily, there are plenty of activities to do outdoors, even in this blazing heat. When it comes to summer and cooling off, the first thing that pops into everyone’s head is swimming. It’s the perfect sport for spending those hot days in the sun, so of course you would want your kids to wear the most fashionable swimsuits. No more having to worry about what to wear, or if they have the best swimsuits because finding a nice and stylish one will be hassle-free thanks to this guide.

Trends, swimsuits, and fun times, oh my!

With the rise of online shopping, which is quickly becoming more popular with each passing day, finding the perfect swimsuit that you and you’re daughter will adore is very easy. With hundreds of choices to pick from, you’re able go through countless styles and brands until you find one that’s just right for you, from the comfort of your very own house.

Guide for what you should buy

There are a lot of things that you should keep in mind when buying a swimsuit. First of all, you want the latest style so that the swimsuit that you do end up choosing will last as long as possible, while looking fashionable at the same time.  Here are a few tips which may help you with what to get. Firstly, swimsuits are often sized smaller because they are meant to fit snugly, so be sure to try them out before you buy them. You may need to go up a size or two with brands that are targeted for younger ages.

Isobella & Chloe’s “Piper” One Piece Swimsuit, with its blue polka dotted pattern, and “Maui Muse” One Piece Swimsuit in all red, to name a few. You can always find these wonderful swimsuits and more at Don’t forget to take advantage of their offer of completely free shipping for any purchase online of $75 or more, along with many other sales.

Girls Dresses for Spring: Adorable and Fashionable

June 24, 2016

One of the most important things about finding something this spring is making sure that it’s stylish and trendy. Of course there are a lot of trends to consider, so it’s sometimes hard to tell just what to buy. In order to figure out exactly which look you should chase, it’s essential to be confident in the decisions that you make, both for yourself and for your kids – and we’ll help you do just that. Now, check out our guide to learn everything you need to know about girls dresses for spring.

Shop smart and stylish

When buying outfits for the spring, always remember to look for durability as well as a design that embodies the airy, refreshing themes of the season. One-piece dresses are both affordable and fashionable, providing a trendy look while keeping the style simple and elegant. Girls’ dress shirts and jeans are also a great alternative for a trendy look that’s fashionable and casual at the same time, helping cultivate a cute image.

It’s also important to buy something that is easy to move in and very breathable to avoid those unfortunate situations when the surprise hot days of spring gets to you and you start sweating. Keep in mind the material of the clothing you’re buying to make sure you can avoid these problems before they even begin. Things like linen, cotton, and even silk help alleviate these issues, so you should keep an eye out for products made with them.

Dress a la mode

And for great clothing, Adorables Children’s Boutique has you covered. They have hundreds of choices to pick from, and each of them is great and stylish: a winning combination, AdorablesChildren has fashionable clothing at affordable prices. And if you make a purchase of $75 or more, you can save even more when you receive free shipping. Just visit for more details and more sales.

Spring-Inspired Tween Fashion Trends to Try

June 22, 2016

It’s that time of the year again. The time when birds start chirping just a little earlier in the morning, flowers begin to bloom, and kids are just finishing up school in a rush to escape and enjoy their long break. It’s the perfect time for them to show off their brand-new outfits to the world, especially girls who are experiencing the joys of dressing fashionably for themselves and with their friends.

Just the thing for styles in spring

When shopping for the perfect spring clothing, it’s important to remember a few things that could help make all the difference. This spring is all about girly dresses that are ready to capture the essence of the season. Not only are girly dresses always fashionable, but they share a fashion lineage with the one-shoulder dresses of last year. They’re also casual enough to wear no matter what the occasion is, and tween-approved. Also keep on the lookout for new and trending fashions, like designer brand tracksuits, perfect for springtime and just coming back into style this season.

Now, we bet you’re wondering how to keep up with these shifting and chaotic trends, and let me be the first to tell you that it’s a doozy of a question. I’m sure that you know it’s always hectic having to go from store to store, trying to find the exact style that you and your daughter will love. That’s where online shopping comes in!

Shop with the experts in adorable fashion

With Adorables’ special offer, any qualifying purchase of $75 or more gets free shipping, saving you money. They also have frequent sales on their site, with savings up to 50% on current pieces, and even more on past ones. And like the springtime, these offers don’t last forever, so make sure you’re able to take advantage of these amazing prices before they expire. Visit for more details on these astounding offers.

Make a Splash in Our Swimwear!

April 19, 2016

It’s that time of year! Blue skies, rising temps and thoughts of summer days spent by the pool… and that means SWIMSUIT SEASON! Lucky for you, we’ve got that covered.

At Adorables Children’s Boutique, we stock swimsuits for girls of ALL ages, sizes and coverage preference. Sweet tutu one pieces for your littlest gal right up to surfer style bikinis for the teens! Here are a few of our favorites…



When it comes to adorable and classic swimwear, cover ups and vacation wear, Kate Mack is a go to! This is sure to be hers (& Moms) favorite two piece this season. This adorable halter tankini swimsuit is made by distinguished designer boutique brand Kate Mack/Biscotti. This sweet two piece set has a beautiful heart print with stunning colors! The top is an easy tank style with skirted ruffle hem. The bottoms easily pull on for quick dressing and changes! The perfect halter neck strap adjusts for the perfect fit. This “Love is in the Air” two piece tankini is now shipping and available in Sizes 9M-4T. This suit also has a coordinating bikini for Big Sis.
Love U Lots Swimwear is a division of Mulberibush. Their spin on classic swimwear styles I fun and whimsical! How sweet is this twist on a polka dot bikini? This dotted tankini swimsuit provides just the right amount of coverage at the best price!  They create precious, unique swimwear that pleases moms and kids alike. This polka dot two piece tankini swimsuit is now available in Sizes 4-6X.
Award-winning Isobella & Chloe swimwear is consistently favored in the kids’ fashion design community for its fun approach to little girls’ swimsuits. Cute-as-can-be baby tankinis, frilly girls’ bikinis and comfy toddler two-piece swimsuits make Isobella & Chloe a popular choice for the whole family. Adorables offers Isobella & Chloe swimsuits in sizes newborn to 14 years to ensure a winning look for all of your girls. This designer girls’ swimwear features comfortable, fast-drying materials and unique two-piece pairings to allow for fuss-free sunning and easy bathroom breaks. This delicately dotted sky blue and white bikini by designer boutique brand Isobella & Chloe! This precious suit offers a dotted bandeau style top with straps. The bottoms are a full coverage and are layered in soft net. This beautiful two piece skirted Piper bikini is available in Sizes 2T-12!


When Quiksilver decided to start a women’s line in 1990, it was a gutsy move. The surf market has always been a fickle one. And female surfers, despite their achievements in and out of the water, hadn’t drummed up nearly the notoriety nor the community that guys had long enjoyed. But great ideas always take some guts. And the company saw the untapped women’s surf market as a huge opportunity. Turns out they were right.

We love this precious triangle top bikini set by Roxy Swimwear! This nylon/spandex bikini has a beautiful blue and pink fully reversible top. Get two suits for the price of one! The triangle top has a sweet cross back that ties for an adjustable fit. The stripe bottoms have fun cinch side ties. Simply surfer girl Roxy bikini set is available in Sizes 7-16.



Introducing New Brands for Spring 2016!

January 25, 2016

We are excited to announce a few new brands to our lineup this spring! We know that trends and tastes are ever evolving and we want to keep up with the curve. Also, we are trying to carry some more tween and teen inspired looks and sizes. (Our Adorable gals are growing and so are yours!) We hope you love them as much as we do!

PPLA Clothing (People’s Project LA)


People’s Project LA is inspired by the Los Angeles Native, and designed with strong women in mind. PPLA is a movement for the free spirited; a call to action for those with a thirst for adventure and a passion for originality. Their one-of-a-kind pieces are meant to be worn with love by the effortlessly stylish girl. Join our project and pave the way to creating an incredible journey that is entirely your own. People’s Project LA: Born to be free. Born to be you.  This line is a great line for “mix and match” and unique syle. Their “Free Spirit” and “Happy Girls are the Prettiest” tee are on trend for 2016!

Pippa & Julie


Pippa & Julie is New York-based girls wear line and a division of Pastourelle, LLC. It manufactures clothing in sizes Newborn through 16. Pippa & Julie was first created by designer, Fran Arazi in 1987. She named the label after her daughter, Julia and the title character of a Robert Browning poem. Fran went on to design other collections but revived the label in 2007 when Julia joined her in the business. Today Fran and Julia work side by side; Fran as President and CEO as well as the sole designer of the line and Julia as Creative Director and Chief Merchant. They share an office and a strong bond that adds just a little magic to the line. This classic and classy line of dresses are gorgeous. Perfection for special events and photos!

Binx Kids


Binx Kids designs are inspired by the joy and love kids bring to our lives. They believe in kids, their ups and downs, joy’s and tears, their triumphs and failures. Binx Kids believes in creativity and expression and just being yourself. They want their clothing to be quirky, comfortable and genuine. Binx Kids strives to create apparel that is inspiring yet timeless, encourages self- expression and constructed with the highest quality and care. These dresses make me wish my girls were little again! So breezy and comfy and adorable!

Mia Chica


Mia Chica was founded by Michelle and Paul Spoleti in 1998. Since then, it has grown into an innovative and trend driven juniors clothing companies. Located in LA, they are constantly motivated by the fashionistas they see every day. They have a passion for fashion and love staying true to their LA roots while developing new styles every week. They pride themselves on a vision of bring trend to reality. From dresses, to knit tops and everything in between – their motto is simple “wear what makes you happy”. This line is certain to please the picky tween/teen in your house!

Roxy Girl Swimwear


When Quiksilver decided to start a women’s line in 1990, it was a gutsy move. The surf market has always been a fickle one. And female surfers, despite their achievements in and out of the water, hadn’t drummed up nearly the notoriety nor the community that guys had long enjoyed. But great ideas always take some guts. And the company saw the untapped women’s surf market as a huge opportunity. Turns out they were right. Like all things Quiksilver, Roxy was born in the water; initially a swimwear line, it debuted in late summer 1990 to immediate success. By the next year, a Roxy sportswear line was introduced, and that too prospered, with sales of over $1 million. 1992 saw continued expansion of the brand with a new denim line and key snowwear pieces. The fact that Roxy was a women’s line offered by an authentic surf brand made it intriguing for both retailers and girls alike. It was the first of its kind on the market, and soon after, the other surf brands followed. Now every adorable girl can be a SoCal girl!

As always, we love getting customer pics! Please share your adorable gals in our NEW lines for Spring 2016! It’s cold outside today, but spring break is just around the corner!










Outfits and More to be Thankful For!

November 6, 2015

The leaves are changing and falling. The days are getting cooler and the crisp Fall air is upon us. While it may be tempting to jump right in to the holidays…we don’t want to forget about Thanksgiving! Truthfully, one of my favorite things to do is search for new ways to celebrate holidays. While I love a tradition, I don’t like holidays to become stale. Each year I look for fun new things to add. Last year, we added the Thanksgiving Photo Booth and it was a huge hit! I found it on Pinterest, of course.


We always try to take tons of family photos at Thanksgiving. It’s one of the few times that we are gathered with friends in family in large numbers. So, naturally my adorable gal needs a new outfit! Giggle Moon “Harvest Fields” is a natural choice! Giggle Moon always has a wonderful Fall inspired line that is a crowd pleaser!  Giggle Moon is available in sizes from infant to ten!

12088199_10153139789794109_4812960072247654758_n volatile-gorgeous-pewter-clayton-boot-1

If you love vintage style and simplicity then Sado is another beautiful choice. The Sado “Thankful Hearts” Mustard & Brown Ruffle Tunic Top is a gorgeous combination of fall inspired colors and comfort. The “Shimmer & Shine” Brown Dot Crochet Leggings complete the outfit.


Let’s talk turkey for a minute. What is your family’s favorite way to prepare the turkey? I’ve tried brining mine over the past few years and I’m a believer! It is a little labor intensive, but WELL worth the results. (Moist and perfectly seasoned turkey!) The most important part of brining is having a vessel that will hold the turkey AND fit in the fridge. So, I sent my husband out for a food safe 5 gallon bucket. All I had to do was remove one shelf from the fridge to accommodate it. I also found this handy dandy chart to help with portions. (Although my family requires a bit more wine)


Back to our photo! Another super sweet choice for the perfect Thanksgiving frock is the She Bloom “Paris” Harvest Party Dress. It comes in two variations which is PERFECT for coordinating sisters!  The soft knit and adorable fall color combos will make her the star of any family photo.

11221893_10153139790584109_4860082871179102184_n she-bloom-paris-chevy-yellow-gray-party-dress-preorder-12

Our friend at KatieBug Bows also has the MOST adorable accessory for Thanksgiving! The Turkey Clip Hair Bow. Which, by the way, can be ordered as a lapel pin, or clipped to a napkin ring!!!


This year, in my search for the “something new” to add to Thanksgiving I found two potential ideas. First, grab any spare vase or jar and add vinyl letters for your guests to drop “thankful notes” into. You can take turns reading them aloud while everyone is having their pumpkin pie. The second is a really beautiful but simple way to printout embellishments for your home and table. Maybe I’ll try both?

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We hope you love our ideas. We would love to hear about your traditions, hacks and fun ideas. As always, please send us pictures of your adorable gals in their Thanksgiving frocks. We are THANKFUL for you, our loyal customers!

Your Friends at Adorables